How My Employees Bring in Sales Without Lifting a Finger

Turning ordinary staff into new business prospectors using ONLY LinkedIn Automation and Email Marketing

Scott Cundill
With 18 years of experience in the internet communications field, Cundill researches and pioneers communication and technology solutions that have proven potential to change the face of business. Fiercely authentic with a drive – he is passionate about empowering any kind of business with the technology to inspire and cultivate sincerity and relevance through original, personalised customer journeys.


Scott is a published author, international kung-fu medallist and prolific speaker. He is currently the CEO of



Our beloved employees bring so much value and life to our business, and we treat them so very, very well! Are they salespeople? Absolutely not. Could they support the sales process by bringing in leads via LinkedIn? Yes!


We are a team of eight and, like most small businesses, the owner (that’s me!) is the primary salesperson. I bring in 99% of the bacon. Put me in front of the right person and I thrive. Getting me in front of the right people… now that’s a lot trickier. Alas, it’s just me. Finding someone else to do what I do (forge new business relationships) in as committed a way as I do, has proven to be an epic challenge.

Hmmm… if only I could spend a lot more time in front of the right people.


So, I turned my admin staff into behind-the-scenes lead generators. Using our automated LinkedIn prospecting super-tool called JESS, my staff deliver new business leads to me without lifting a finger. Well, obviously they work hard, they just don’t work hard at actual lead generating because it’s automated. This is how I did it:

  1. Each staff member picks a topic they enjoy. Shirree, our Head of content, chose adventure travel. Hester, our content writer, chose health and wellness. Warren, our CTO, focuses on finding agencies for our reseller channel. You get the picture.
  2. JESS, our super-secret LinkedIn weapon, automates their LinkedIn prospecting. So while our staff are hard at work, JESS automatically logs into their LinkedIn account, searches for their chosen target market, invites new contacts and sends those contacts personalised messages.
  3. When they accept the LinkedIn invitation, JESS takes the contact’s name, email address, company name, etc. out of LinkedIn and places it into our Email tool where they are started on what we call an Email Journey. Our team of writers crafted some really great emails specifically for that target market. We never sell - we build one-to-one relationships. The goal here is not to annoy, it is to open doors and get me in front of the right people.
  4. Each LinkedIn contact gets nurtured with a series of outstandingly written emails. JESS then scores each contact based on their interaction. For example: they get two points if they open an email, 10 points if they visit my LinkedIn profile, eight points if they visit our website, etc. Those contacts who are engaging with me substantially more than others rise to the surface to become qualified leads.

I used to go to networking events. Not anymore. The business I need flows in from all over the world, emanating from this remarkable combination of LinkedIn and Email. JESS currently serves up 150-200 leads a week and our automated email sifting process converts about 5% of those into the “truly interested” category. The rest is history.


If you want to turn your staff into LinkedIn Lead Generators, drop me a line.