we help you sell... without hard-selling... even from home

We do not sell or advertise your product or service. We gently build your personal crediblity, get you to the decision maker, then we train you to close the deal - even if you're stuck at home.

How do we do it?

This 20 minute E-Book explains.

(You don’t even have to fill out a form to read it)

Our Services

•  Sales leads to close new deals

•  Analytics to identify where and why you are going wrong

•  A mentor to fix each problem using a proven sales training methodology

Our Team

Scott Cundill

Chief Executive Officer

Tech entrepreneur, sales professional and published author.

Been in the CRM and Marketing Automation space for 15 years.

Pioneered the Majestic methodology, co-founded & built the business.

Represents his country in Shaolin kung-fu and holds two bronze medals at the World Champs

Warren Haas

Chief Technical Officer

20 years dev and system administration experience.

Former Head of Development for a TBWA company.

15 years in CRM / Marketing Automation.

Responsible for delivering a stable system with an impeccable track record used by 300+ clients today.

Loves to run very long distances.

Shirree Leone

Managing Director

Highly successful marketing communication strategist and content marketing guru. Serial author of short stories.

Renowned for delivering 20%+ response rates and 300%+ more web traffic for her customers.

Been in the comms/CRM space for 10+ years.

Artistic background, qualified goldsmith, loves messing around with silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, jewellery hammers….

Ruaan vd Walt

Chief Creative Guru

9 years experience in visual communication, graphic design and layout. Comes from a technical background with strong skills in HTML and CSS.

A creative thinker with the rare ability to merge both creative and analytical thinking into complex problem solving.

Passionate about philosophy, ancient cultures, the human psyche and drumming around the camp fire.

Hester le Grange

Head of Client Relations

Hester is the epitome of the grammar Nazi. With a background in marketing at corporate level and having a flair for the written and spoken word, her worsdsmithing skills are the perfect blend of factual and flowery.

Hester’s long track record with Majestic Interactive allows her to bring system work and journey crafting together as an integrated whole.

Avid sci-fi and fantasy reader and bingeful series-watcher. Loves cats and sushi (but not on the same plate)

Nicky Cundill

Chief Accounts Officer

Previous owner of a furniture storage business and over 20 years in the financial field.

Manages all financial aspects of the company from accounts to payroll and so much more.

She likes to organise the occasional party (and this is all we are allowed to publically say on the subject)

Bruce Little

Contributing Writer

Bruce left a tittivating career as a Cabaret Artist and Drama Lecturer to become the Senior Copywriter for an Internal Marketing company.

Then he got snatched by one of Africa's biggest NGOs to be their Sexual Health Content Producer and Social Media Manager for several years.

Now, he's a Wellness and Executive Lifestyle Journalist, Engagement Strategist and C-Suite Ghostwriter to the stars (when he isn't entertaining all his "friends" on Facebook with his microblogging musings).

Marco Riekstins

Contributing Writer

Marco Flynn is a writer, digital strategist and musician living in Johannesburg.

Sometimes he writes in the third person.

Lize le Grange


Recent Bcom Strategic Management graduate with a background in admin and client liaison.

Home cook amateur and ballet dancer wannabe with a passion for anything that is retro and antique.



Steel Studio

Majestic's services have helped Steel Studio form relationships with industry leaders for the last 2 years.

Including solid lead generation that other tools have not been able to match. Relationships that I don't believe Steel Studio sales executives could have forged on their own.

Steel Studio has become a brand worth trusting thanks to the email software, Linkedin connections and strong content assistance from Majestic.

I recommend this product to anyone in need of a successful communication and relationship building tool with their client base.

Sandra Blackbeard


Since we’ve been using Majestic, we’ve made contact, built relationships with and closed two international deals.

These are people that we would not have had contact with if it wasn’t for the way in which Majestic opened the door for us to do business.

I find it really easy. Half an hour in the morning spent on attending to the connections that the system has made during the night, gets the conversations going.

The system really works while you sleep!

Mark Oelofse

University of JHB

It usually takes a University a year of telephone calling to get 2000 engaged alumni.

With Majestic, we didn’t make a single call and 8000 alumni updated their own details online in a few months!

Their communication first approach and methodology is second to none.

Karen Coetzee


I am a skeptical business owner. I deliberated for months for before finally going ahead with Majestic.

Now that I see the results flowing in, I am a 100% Majestic convert!

Joseph Davis