Use our software to Revolutionise sales in a matter of weeks!
“Generate response rates 1,200% above the industry average


We have a 12 Year Proven Track Record and our philosophy is very simple: “Build relationships and your sales will follow naturally.” Our digital communication software can be skinned any way you wish, is fully customisable and can be integrated anywhere.



Build your very own CRM
database management / lead generation / marketing automation / sales force tracking system…
and use our API to integrate it anywhere

  • Our all-encompassing API lets you build, customise and white-label your own system.
  • Send communication Journeys via email, SMS and social media to generate response rates 1,200% above the industry average.
  • Design a personalised skin using our open source front-end.
  • Set access control and tailor-make the interface for individual users.
  • Cross-market with other businesses and promote each other.
  • Tap into dozens of cool plug-ins, or build your own and become part of our global development community.


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We have a 12-year proven track record of nurturing and growing customer relationships into valuable data, and converting customer insights into long-term relationships.
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When I tell business owners, marketing managers and sales reps that it is very possible to achieve marketing responses over 1,200% above the norm and to revolutionise their sales in a matter of weeks, most look at me with glazed eyes. Even when I present them with no less than a dozen case studies, I often wonder if perhaps they don’t want to believe it. And the secret? It is very simple. It’s called a “Journey.”Founder, CEO & Speaker Scott Cundill