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Customise and Brand your own CRM / Database Communication Tool
Send precisely the right message to precisely the right customer at precisely the right time.

Majestic has made it to the semi-finals of the Richard Branson VOOM competition.
It was televised, so watch our co-founder and CEO Scott Cundill explain the business to five senior judges!
>> Whatch it on YouTube here!

All-Encompassing API

Use our pre-built front-end. Skin it any way you want. Make it your own!
OR build your own front-end using our API.

API Documents


Massive, expensive global corporations are dominating the CRM / Marketing software industry. Majestic3 has a different approach: we provide the framework to build your own system that is cheaper and more effective than any other. If you still want to use your existing CRM, simply plug-in those M3 modules that you want.

With Majestic3, all of these services are available in one place, with the added option of building your own plug-in or enhancement:

  • Database and contact management
  • CRM
  • Bulk email, SMS, social media and VOIP communication
  • Journey and drip communication
  • Status triggers
  • Trackers / sales funnel and pipeline management
  • Custom tables
    …and much, much more!



Build your own plug-ins and sell them to our community!


In order to log in to the Demo, you will require the username and password below.
Password: D3m0p@sRd


Technical overview

Easy to learn API. Easy to use, even without documentation! Hard to misuse.
Easy to read and maintain any code that supports it. Easy to extend.

  • REST based API - use simple http calls to achieve results
  • API exclusively uses SSL for enhanced security
  • In-depth reference documentation for the API
  • API responds in JSON
  • API handles validation for you
  • Sample code and prebuilt applications and modules on Github
  • Comprehensive guide to authenticate your calls provided with API keys
  • Hypermedia describes additional operations linked to operation performed
  • API describes information required for almost operations with system forms, taking more work away from you to focus on business and not logic
  • Manage the amount of data returned to deal with bandwidth constraints
  • Webhooks available with integration into Zapier, etc.



The Opportunity

Your own front-end + your own plug-ins + custom integration = YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
Make money from software, services and apps
Target a specific industry or create your own USP
Supports open source community
Supports all languages which can talk to the web
Support available (at a cost depending on scenario)


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